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ProfiHub / ProfiSwitch - Network Segmentation

The key to a healthy network starts with the infrastructure. Simple network segmentation allows you to create different topology types that can increase reliability and extend the life span of your plant.

Multi-channel repeaters galvanically isolate each channel and therefore avoid EMC disruption and serve as a single point of measurement for obtaining diagnostics information via their diagnostics slave function.

Strengthening the backbone of your network

The Anybus ProfiHub brings your 3 or 5 galvanically isolated transparent repeaters in a single unit (offering 4 or 6 segments). Each of the segments can handle up to 31 devices and a cable length equal to the main bus.For PROFIBUS networks, these multi-channel repeaters offer reliable and robust network backbones via switchable termination on each channel and redundancy checks on communication as well as power supply.

User benefits

  • Hot slave insertion and removal during operation

  • Short circuit protection on each channel

  • Compact and robust construction

  • Status and error display (per channel)

  • Suitable for all DP cables

  • Straightforward networks

  • Extendable installations

  • Cost reduction

Application areas

  • Dynamic spur lines to devices

  • Star, tree and bus structured networks

  • Pull/Plug motor control centers

  • Barrier for non-galvanic isolated equipment

  • EMC-sensitive applications

  • Applications with device and cable stress

profihub anybus_edited.png

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Mousa Saai
Sales Engineer

English, Arabic

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