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Anybus Mercury MKII

The Anybus Mercury MKII is a rugged industrial Windows tablet that uses the Osiris diagnostic software to simplify Industrial Ethernet and PROFIBUS troubleshooting, maintenance, and monitoring. The mobile tool helps you quickly identify and resolve potential faults to keep your network healthy and efficient..

Mobile Industrial Ethernet Diagnostics

When connected to an Industrial Ethernet network, the Anybus Mercury MKII generates a clear topology displaying all devices and their connections. The topology is available in different views, such as galaxy view, hierarchic tree view, or customizable view, and enables users to easily analyze the network and identify any problems using clear NAMUR NE 107 icons. Device and alarm lists can be exported as CSV files to aid documentation and further analysis.

In addition, the Quality Factor (Q-Factor) feature enables users to quickly view the network's quality using a weighted algorithm, shown as a traffic light display

Mobile PROFIBUS Diagnostics

For PROFIBUS networks, the Anybus Mercury MKII uses the same software as the ProfiTrace toolkits, allowing you to quickly analyze the network and identify typical failures such as voltage drops, wire breaks, and configuration faults. The built-in oscilloscope detects noise, reflections, and termination problems, while a live list continuously shows all the available devices. Additionally, a network condition indicator clearly shows the health of the installation.

In summary, the Anybus Mercury MKII is a versatile, mobile tool that provides essential support to industrial technicians and engineers in maintaining network health and efficiency.

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Mousa Saai
Sales Engineer

English, Arabic

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