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ComBricks - Monitoring, Networking & Control

ComBricks is the first PROFIBUS- and PROFINET-based automation system that unites repeaters and permanent monitoring in a web browser.

Monitor your PROFIBUS & PROFINET network 24/7

ComBricks allows you to remotely monitor your PROFIBUS installations from anywhere in the world and will alert you if any faults arise or are likely to arise. It is a modular platform able to carry repeaters, PA, FF and fiber optic modules. The connectivity to Ethernet allows you to remotely inspect the condition of the installation with a ProfiTrace shell in a web browser.

This is the only product with an integrated oscilloscope for permanent PROFIBUS control over Ethernet.

Better interconnection

ComBricks HE+ is based on an internal backplane, which can hold up to two physical modules next to the Head station. Each physical module consists of two scope repeater modules joined as one housing. Every channel can handle 31 PROFIBUS devices and a maximum of 1200 m cable length. ComBricks HE+ also provides a better interconnection between the individual modules, thanks to metal clamps to lock them together.

Your benefits

  • Robust RVS housing

  • No separate backplane: all modules are directly connected to DIN rail

  • Modules locked together (metal clamps)

  • Interference noise on the shield is drained by RVS housing

  • Better temperature dissipation to environment

  • All connectors on the front of the housing

Why ComBricks?

  • Remote monitoring of your installation

  • Easy to use

  • The only product with an integrated oscilloscope for permanent PROFIBUS control over Ethernet


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Mousa Saai
Sales Engineer

English, Arabic

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