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Product Overview

For your company, you want a reliable industrial network. With PROFIBUS and/or PROFINET technology you make the choice for quality. However, the layout and the specific products that you use are essential to ensure your network functions optimally.

PROCENTEC offers you all the automation components necessary to set up a reliable industrial network. We are a specialist in the field of PROFIBUS,  PROFINET and Industrial Ethernet technology. Our products measure, signalize and connect the different parts of an installation and ensure that it operates effectively. This way you can limit unplanned downtime to a minimum. Applications vary from the factory floor to utility automation areas.

Our robust ProfiHubs have been recognized for years to operate reliably in network infrastructures. The ComBricks platform, which is technology combining ProfiTrace and ProfiHub, is rapidly becoming the network component of choice for applications that require integrated capabilities for remote monitoring and asset management. With Atlas we take it a step further, by making it possible to create easy insight in complex Ethernet networks.

Discover our powerful solutions for your PROFIBUS, PROFINET and Industrial Ethernet networks. 

See below our products that complete your network.

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