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Modbus RTU Master - Industrial Ethernet

Integrate your serial RS-232/485 based industrial devices and equipment to EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP or PROFINET control systems without any changes to the device. Just connect, configure and you’re done.

The Anybus Communicator can transfer large amounts of data, is fast to configure thanks to its’ drag and drop web interface and is built on trusted Anybus technology.


The Communicator can convert both standard serial protocols such as Modbus RTU and proprietary serial request/response or produce/consume based protocols.


Typical serial applications include variable frequency drives, sensors, actuators, human machine interfaces, barcode readers, RFID readers and industrial scales among others.

Anybus Communicator - Common Ethernet

SKU: ABC3090-A
    • Transfer up to 1 486 bytes of data in both directions
    • Convert standard and proprietary RS-232/485 protocols
    • Web-based drag and drop configuration interface
    • -25 to +70 °C industrial temperature range
    • Powered by award winning NP40 network processor


    Transfer up to 1 486 bytes of data
    Demand for more data is constantly growing and the Communicator has been equipped to handle the challenge. It can transfer 1 486 bytes from the PLC to the Gateway and 1 486 bytes from the gateway to the PLC, 2 972 bytes in total. Support for up to 150 Modbus commands means even complex configurations with multiple nodes can be handled with ease.

    Drag and drop web interface
    To make sure you spend as little time as possible configuring the Communicator, we have built a graphical and responsive web-based user interface. No software needed to be installed, just open your favorite web browser and get started.

    Industrial temperature range
    An industrial operating temperature range of -25 to +70 °C ensures the Communicator can excel under harsh conditions.

    Powered by proven NP40 technology
    The Communicator is built on the award-winning and proven Anybus NP40 network processor. With hundreds of thousands NP40:s used in Embedded applications across the world, it is the industry benchmark for reliable industrial communication.

    Security switch
    Even with sophisticated security measures, human error is still the main cause of security breaches. To simplify security, we added a physical security switch on the Communicator. It locks your configuration and prevents any access to the web-based configuration interface. Just flip it when your configuration is done and watch the padlock LED on the product light up.

    Ethernet configuration port
    With a dedicated Ethernet configuration port you don’t need any special configuration cable. In addition, it is easy to connect to the gateway to monitor network traffic.

    Optimized for DIN-rail mounting
    The slim form factor, front facing network connectors, screw in serial cable connector and the neat cable tie ensure it is fast and simple to install and connect the Communicator. 

    When opening the Communicator web interface you immediately see the status of the PROFINET connection and serial connection. You can even see the status of individual serial nodes. It’s also equipped with a serial log and an event log for further analysis.

    Sometimes you run into a problem where you need help. That’s why we have included a support page in the user interface with contact information. There is even a button to generate a support package to simplify troubleshooting

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