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Discover all the advantages of PROFINET

PROFINET is a user-friendly technology with a lot of advantages. To benefit from these advantages you need to know how PROFIBUS works. The PROFINET Technical Training provides an in-depth summary of all the options that PROFINET automation and production processes have to offer. Continual comparisons with PROFIBUS are a recurring theme. This training gives technicians an insight into how they can benefit from PROFINET so that they can make the best possible use of this technology.


The PROFINET Technical Training is fully tailored to the needs of technicians who work with this technology. During this course, technicians learn what PROFINET is all about, and what the advantages to this innovative technology are. This course includes PROFINET background information and theoretical information on Ethernet and PROFINET technology. Each theme finishes with a demonstration in order to forge direct links between theory and practice.


This training is a one-day workshop comprising of a theoretical part and demonstrations. After taking part in this training, participants will feel self-confident about taking decisions on the application of this automation system.


- PROFIBUS: current situation

- PROFINET: background information

- Ethernet technology

- PROFINET technology 


Practical exercises

- Configuring a PROFINET system

- Integrating a PROFIBUS segment 

- Testing a PROFINET system

- Using an Analyzer to analyze messages

- Mounting a connector plug

- Exchanging devices


Training Methodology

- Theory 

- Practice



 1 day ( 10 AM - 5 PM)


Fees per Participant

  AED 3,500 + VAT


Contact & Registration

Mousa Saai 

Prime Business Center - 1402A

Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai, UAE


Phone: +971 4 5149230


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