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ProfiTrace is the most powerful mobile analyzer specialized in PROFIBUS networks. It is an essential tool for monitoring, maintenance and fault-finding. The complete PROFIBUS network can be easily checked with only one software package and one piece of hardware. ProfiTrace is very easy to use and combines all required elements to detect all PROFIBUS faults. The use of this mobile analyzer results in a higher uptime, lower operational costs and the optimization of the entire production process.


Thousands of satisifed users benefit daily from this powerful tool. Typical PROFIBUS failures such as noise, reflections, voltage drops, termination problems, double addresses, wire breaks and configuration faults are easily and quickly identified. As a result, PROFIBUS faults can be quickly resolved which results in higher uptime. ProfiTrace boosts the capabilities of service, maintenance and engineering technicians. 


ScopeWare (DP and PA)


With the built in oscilloscope noise, reflections and termination problems can be detected. There is an interpretation of bits, bytes and words. All messages can be filtered and stored.


Message Recording 


The message recording provides an overview with records messages. When the user records messages, he has a perfect visual representation on the screen.


Network Condition


The statistics matrix and network condition indicator are the most powerful features of ProfiTrace. These fields can really tell what the condition of the installation is without doing difficult operations.


Live List


The Live List is a matrix that continuously lists all the available devices. It is directly visible which devices are 'troublemakers'. With different background colors, the status of the devices is displayed


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