ComBricks Head Station type 1B has monitoring capabilities for 1 network. The Head Station is the primary element of ComBricks and schedules the interaction between all modules and provides data storage and an Ethernet interface for the user.  


Basic features

 - Redundant power supply

 - Operating voltage: 11..26 VDC

 - Drives 32 modules (10 high-speed)

 - Repeating function on 4 networks

 - Redundancy function on 4 networks

 - Protocol: HTTP, FTP, SMTP, TELNET, SNMP, CommDTM  


Specific features

 - Live data streaming & OPC tags

 - ProfiTrace OE (monitoring) on 1 network  

 (Live list / Statistics / SCOPE / Bar graph)

Head Station Type 1B with ProfiTrace OE

SKU: 101-20011B