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The Anybus Communicator EtherNet/IP adapter – PROFIBUS DP device is an industrial protocol gateway that allows you to seamlessly transfer data between PLC control systems over EtherNet/IP and PROFIBUS networks.


Anybus Communicators are designed to ensure reliable, secure, and high-speed data transfer between different industrial Ethernet and Fieldbus networks. Very easy to install and deploy, the stand-alone gateways enable transparent data exchange between PLCs, allowing you to integrate legacy equipment into modern, high-performance networks without any changes to the hardware and only minimal changes to the software.


Anybus Communicators are built using the award-winning and proven Anybus NP40 industrial network processor providing network conformance, high performance, and reliability. When connecting between PLCs on different networks, extremely fast data cycling is enabled with data transfer of up to 1500 bytes in each direction, meeting most current control application needs as well as supporting future demands.


Quick installation is ensured thanks to the intuitive configuration, easy-to-understand documentation, and smart hardware and housing design.

Anybus Communicator - EtherNet/IP adapter - PROFIBUS DP device

SKU: ABC4014-A
  • Excellent performance

    • Instant data transfer - The time required for data transfer between two PLCs is made up of the cycle time of the first network plus the cycle time of the second network. The internal data transfer in the communicator is negligible because it corresponds to the natural fluctuations of the network cycle times (jitter).
    • Hardware-accelerated endian conversion (byte swap) - Communicators can change the data representation (endianness) using hardware-accelerated endian conversion to ensure that data is represented correctly in each PLC. You can even convert different parts of the data area in different ways to handle different types of data. This has no impact on performance, relieves the PLC of the data conversion task, and simplifies PLC programming.

     Easy startup

    • Dedicated Ethernet configuration port - no special cables required.
    • Intuitive web-based drag-and-drop configuration interface - no need to install additional software.
    • Front-facing connectors make it easy to connect cables, and the slim form factor saves space on the DIN rail.
    • Troubleshoot with powerful diagnostics, including live data monitor, status screen, and support package.

    Latest security features

    • Secure boot functionality to detect firmware tampering and protect against malware attacks and infections.
    • Security switch that locks your configuration and prevents any unauthorized access.
    • The ports used in production have been disabled to prevent malware from being loaded via the ports.

    For industrial environments

    • Robust, compact housing.
    • Industrial components are CE and UL tested and certified.
    • Wide temperature range, -25°C to 70°C.
    • Top-hat rail mounting for installation close to the connected devices, reducing wiring effort.
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