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Gateways and Convertors 

Virtually all industrial installations are created by implementing a variety of incompatible protocols and isolated systems. The application requires that these objects exchange data. Components such as gateways are required to seamlessly create these bridges. The gateways and converters that we offer are easy to integrate in your existing installation.

Which gateway or converter is the best fit for your PROFIBUS installation? See below.

See an overview of various gateways and converters that fit your specific PROFIBUS installation.

  • Solutions available for all application areas

  • Easy to integrate in your network

  • No major changes needed

Application areas

  • Coupling small machines

  • Linking networks with different controllers

  • Coupling PROFIsafe networks to regular networks

  • Migrating from old control systems to new control systems

  • Quasi master-master communication

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Mousa Saai
Sales Engineer

English, Arabic

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