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PROFINET plays a major role in automation technology. The Certified PROFINET Engineer training course creates a quality platform for people with a PROFINET certificate who are accredited by an official exam. PROFINET plays a major role in automation technology. It is very important that PROFINET engineers are qualified. Certified PROFINET Engineer status is very important as it enables businesses to stand out in the market compared to other companies working with this technology.


The Certified PROFINET Engineer training course instructs technicians how to install a PROFINET system correctly and how PROFINET is integrated using existing PROFIBUS systems. It offers a total knowledge package focusing entirely on practical situations. This course includes theoretical information on Ethernet technology, PROFINET technology, PROFINET IO technology and PROFINET tools.


The Certified PROFINET Engineer course is a three-day training course comprising a theoretical and a practical part, and participants take an exam on the last day. If they pass this exam, they can use the title of Certified PROFINET Engineer and will be internationally registered as such.


- PROFIBUS: current situation

- PROFINET: background information 

- Ethernet technology

- PROFINET technology

- PROFINET IO technology 

- PROFINET tools 


Practical exercises

- Installing the connectors

- Testing the cables

- Configuring the switches

- Analyzing messages 

- Building up a PROFINET system

- Integrating a PROFIBUS segment 


Training Methodology

- Theory 

- Practice

- Exam (on day 4)

  ~ 3 hours theory exam

  ~ 2 hours practical exam



 4 days ( 10 AM - 5 PM)


Fees per Participant

  AED 11,500 + VAT


Contact & Registration

Mousa Saai

Prime Business Center - 1402A

Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai, UAE


Phone: +971 4 5149230


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